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HCF CATCH Ltd is an industry led partnership supporting the process, energy, engineering and renewable industries in the Humber region.

Created in 1999 to support the development of the £6 billion Humber chemical and chemistry using sectors, HCF CATCH now boasts members and partners drawn from across the process engineering, energy, engineering and renewable sectors, their associated supply chains, regional and national government agencies and local authorities, including all four Humber local authorities.

HCF CATCH operates the world renowned CATCH training facility in North East Lincolnshire that provides skills, training and competency solutions for industry across the UK and internationally. HCF also manages the engineering and supply chain schemes ConCom™ and PreQual as well as maintaining a wide range of working relationships with similar and equivalent network organisations, trade associations and professional bodies across the UK.

Working across the private and public sectors HCF CATCH runs capital and business support programmes, network groups, skills programmes, conferences, events and publications aimed at encouraging best practice, knowledge exchange and business excellence.

Facts About CATCH

  • Not-for-profit partnership
  • Lead by industry
  • Working across the private and public sectors
  • Supporting the process, energy and renewable industries in the Humber region
  • Actively involved in developing skills and qualifications programmes both regionally and nationally
  • Operate the world renowned, industry authentic CATCH training facility
  • Manage the Concom™ and Prequal schemes
  • 9 industry led network groups
  • £10 million of funding drawn down to support the Humber industry and region
  • Diverse events programme reflecting the interests of our members
  • Share industry related news and information via a suite of publications and this website