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Process Plant

Process plant training facility at CATCH

The CATCH facility has a three storey liquid circuit process plant developed, by industry, to support training for the process, energy, engineering and renewable sectors.

Process plant training uses

  • Internal training for Top Tier COMAH sites.
  • Process project shutdown training.
  • Process plant induction training.
  • Practical knowledge enhancement for college and university students.

Courses we offer on the process plant at CATCH

  • An introduction to process plant operations
  • Pressure in the process industry, its application and safe use
  • Process confined space entry
  • Laser pump alignment
  • Introduction to pipefitting
  • Mechanical joint integrity in the high hazard industries

The ‘CATCH experience’ adds another dimension to training. At CATCH, you will have the opportunity to excel by putting theory into practice by using our unique process plant.

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Our process plant was made by industry, for industry. If you are looking for ‘real industry facilities, real industry training, without real industry risks’ you will struggle to find anywhere else like CATCH.

To fully grasp the ‘CATCH experience’, you will strongly benefit from a free guided tour. For more information call 01469 552828 or email:

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Customer Feedback

"I have had a brilliant two and a half weeks of training at the Catch Centre StalIingborough. The training included P& ID's, process safety and Operations, Flange Integrity, fuel quality, COMAH and Manual Handling. Big thanks to the instructors (Matt Goodwin and Nigel). I would recommend this place to any companies or business groups connected to me on LinkedIn. If you want your employees to be the best I would recommend you check these two places out."

Dan Bark, Fuel Operator, Costain PLC