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Key Features

The Humber Contractor Competency Forum or Concom as it is more usually known is a joint project between a number of the Humber bank industrial sites and their contractors to monitor and promote competency in the contractor supply chain.  It helps clients meet their need to assess contractors systems and capabilities and provides contractors with a single standard and consistent system to demonstrate their organisations competence to multiple clients.

Key Advantages to Clients

  • Shared contractor auditing resource
  • Collective regional voice
  • Joint approach to common issues
  • Database of pre-audited contractors
  • Shared information on safety & competency issues
  • Common scheme across the Humber process industries

Key Advantages to Contractors

  • Single audit for over 20 clients in the Humber
  • Development support
  • Shared information on safety & competence issues
  • Joint approach to common issues

Key Features of our Schemes

  • Forum meets monthly (clients attend each month, contractors every other month)
  • Audits are carried out by a Concom Auditor accompanied by a client auditor
  • Contractors are audited once every 2 years
  • Shared access to audit results for clients (via
  • Access to audit report history
  • Sharing best practice
  • Contractor receives a single audit to satisfy all clients

The Humber Contractor Competency Forum operate three joint schemes – Concom, PreQual and PreVal.

For more information please contact or telephone 01469 552830

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