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Metallurgy Courses at CATCH

All the Metallurgy courses at CATCH are delivered by the AMRC Training Centre.

Carbon & Alloy Steel Metallurgy

This one day course has been developed for people with technical and engineering backgrounds working in or with the steel industry to help them gain an understanding of the metallurgy & processing of Carbon & Alloy Steels.

Combating Corrosion

A one day technical course describing the various mechanisms by which metals and alloys corrode and technologies for preventing it.

Fundamentals of Metallurgy

This course provides a basic understanding of the relationships between structure, properties and processing of the most important industrial metals and explains the terminology and test methods associated with key metal properties.

Metallurgical Failure Analysis & Prevention

A one day introduction into the investigation, mechanisms and prevention of material failures due to mechanical and environmental factors.

Non-Ferrous Alloys

A technical course describing the production, features and applications of Aluminium, Copper, Nickel & Titanium alloys.

Stainless Steel Metallurgy

A one day technical course covering all aspects of the production and use of a range of stainless steel alloys.

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