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Process Engineering & Plant Process Courses

With our fully functional process plant training facility, there is no better way to experience process technology in a safe, practical environment. The CATCH facility is truly unique, where you’ll be fully prepared to deal with hazards and the daily issues that you will experience on a real industrial site.

Introduction to Plant Process Operations

This course has traditionally been filled with new process operator starters of all age groups and genders. It would also be suitable for people who wish to pursue a career within the process industry giving them valuable experience on process plant operations.

Laser Shaft Alignment

The aims of this training course is to provide an introduction into shaft alignment techniques, with a link into the comprehensive instruction and operation of the laser shaft alignment system.

Loss of Containment (Spillage Training)

This one day course is designed to introduce staff to the correct procedures for dealing with process and non-process loss of containments safely. The course is delivered in two parts, the first session is classroom based and the second session is delivered on the CATCH live process plant.

Pressure Systems

This one day course gives process operators both the practical and theoretical understanding of pressure systems, its uses in industry, storage and compliance to the relevant regulations.

Process Plant Familiarisation

A three-day practical course that will take the delegates through safe plant procedures, plant familiarisation and give delegates valuable experience on CATCH’s process training plant.

Pump Awareness

Pumps are a vital component of any process plant,they need to be correctly aligned and well lubricated to function properly. If pumps are not well maintained,they are prone to failure and can cost businesses thousands, if not more, in downtime.

Safe Isolation of Plant / Safe Systems of Work

This one day course is designed for employees in the process, oil, gas and food manufacturing industries, who as part of their daily role install isolations or raise permits. The delegates will learn about the different types of hazardous energies and the steps we should take to prevent them from being inadvertently reintroduced.

Shutdown, Outage & Turnaround for Managers & Supervisors

Increase your knowledge for delivering successful planning and execution of planned maintenance events by understanding key roles and responsibilities, the process from shutdown through to successful start-up, the available planning tools and process validation to determine the critical work tasks for the list.

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